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Low Curve Rulers, Classic Set


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Finally! A great basic ruler set designed for use on any domestic sewing machine whether high shank, low shank or anywhere in between. Smooth sided, well marked, and feel great in the hand, the Low Curve Rulers are infinitely versatile and especially well-suited for crosshatching with their markings spaced at quarter-inch intervals along the entire length of the ruler.

These templates are based on the symmetrical curves of arcs (a segment of a circle in various diameters) and have the same curve on the concave and convex sides. This is the Classic Set: the Mini; perfect for small spaces like sashings and small pieced units. Then the Low Curve #8; based on an 8 inch circle, followed by the #10 and #12 curves. This gives a great range of sizes for most domestic machines.

These are the same size and shape as the wonderful QPCurve long arm rulers, but I've had them made in a thinner acrylic by the same maker to better suit domestic machines. Use these same rulers on both your low and high shank machines. No more wondering if you can use the same ruler on your travel machine as your big machine. Or concern about having to replace your rulers when you upgrade to a different shank machine.

Because of the slightly thicker acrylic than the rulers typically sold for use on low shank machines, they are easier to hold in place. On a small percentage of low shank machines, they may not fit directly behind the foot, but these gentle curves are meant to be used most to the sides and front of the foot and have no need to be placed behind the foot.

Switch back and forth between the concave and convex sides to best position the ruler where you can see and move best.

The Low Curve Full Set is also available, giving the full range of sizes which incluses the #15 and #20.

The 15 and 20 Low Curves are very large rulers, best suited to large harp space machines sunk into a table. They are still quite useful on larger machines and larger spaces on your quilts. They can be purchased individually as well.

See also our Starter Low Curve Combo for those who want just a taste of these rulers. It combines the Mini and the #10 to get you started. Add the Westalee Arc/Straight Ruler to get a good straight ruler and a bonus curved side, and you'll be able to do a lot of different designs.

You must use a ruler foot when using rulers on your machine. Templates come with a protective coating that is to be peeled away before use.