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Low Curve Ruler 15

This listing is for the Low Curve #15 ruler by itself. For more information on the Low Curve rulers, see the listing for the Low Curve Full Set.


The 15 is a very large ruler, best suited to large harp space machines sunk into a table. It is quite useful on larger machines and larger spaces on your quilts. Based on a 15 inch circle, it has a very gentle curve over shorter spaces while having a long reach across larger blocks.

Because of the slightly thicker acrylic than the rulers typically sold for use on low shank machines, they are easier to hold in place. On a small percentage of low shank machines, they may not fit directly behind the foot, but these gentle curves are meant to be used most to the sides and front of the foot and have no need to be placed behind the foot.

Switch back and forth between the concave and convex sides to best position the ruler where you can see and move best.

If you've already tried the Low Curve Classic Set which omits these two largest sizes, and are ready to try larger rulers, this is the next step in sizing.

The Low Curve 20 is also available and is the largest, longest ruler in the Low Curve series.

See also our Low Curve Combo Starter Set for those who want just a taste of these rulers. 

You must use a ruler foot when using rulers on your machine. Templates come with a protective coating that is to be peeled away before use.

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