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Janome Convertible Free Motion Foot Set for 9mm Machines

This is the convertible free motion foot set for use with many of the Janome 9mm wide stitch width Janome machines. (This includes the 8200, 8900, S5, S3, etc.)  It comes with an adjustible shank and 4 choices of foot to attach to it: open toe, closed toe, an echo foot and a zigzag plastic FMQ foot. 

The shank works with the Frame Quilting Foot Set (not included) to create the Janome ruler foot combination, so you can use rulers safely while quilting.

Special note: Some 9mm machines have an auto foot lift and the feature should not be used when the ruler foot is being used on these machines (12000, 14000, S7, and S9).  Because of the height of the ruler foot itself, there is reduced clearance between the needle clamp and the foot. Rule #1 for ruler work is to never raise the foot while the needle is down or lower the needle while the foot is up. Because of this, it is important to either wait until there is a ruler foot for these auto lift machines, or make sure the auto lift is turned off/unused. Upon start up, these machines lift the foot in its little "start up dance" if the needle was down, this could be a problem. I have tested one of these machines and at start up, if the needle is down, the machine won't move the foot until you follow its prompt to lift the needle bar slowly. But the mere ease of using the auto foot lift (and pivot feature) could make it easy to accidentally cause a problem. Due caution must be used with these machines as this could be an issue not covered by your warranty.

There is a ruler foot option/upgrade now for the 15000 and 9400 and it is amazing! We do sell the upgrade kits for these in the USA.