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Janome AcuFeed Dual Feed Foot and Holder (Twin)

The Dual Feed Foot for AcuFeed comes standard with all models with the AcuFeed System. The foot is specially designed to engage the AcuFeed system, and move the top layer of fabric in sync with the bottom layer.

This accessory works with the following models:

Horizon MC 8900 QCP SE
Horizon MC 12000
Horizon Quilt Maker MC 15000
Horizon MC 8200 QC
Horizon MC 15000 V2
Horizon MC 8200 QCP SE
Skyline 7
Horizon MC 14000
Skyline 9
Horizon MC 6700P
Skyline 6
Horizon MC 9400 QCP
Horizon MC 9450 QCP
Continental M7