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2024 Brown Bag Mystery-Piece of Cake

Customers rave about the Brown Bag Mystery Experience. This is our 7th year participating with about 60 shops in the US and Canada, and it just keeps getting better.  

New kits are added often!

What's a mystery quilt? Essentially it's an unknown quilt pattern that's been broken down in a series of "clues" that will keep you guessing all the way to the final assembly clue. No block by block construction, more like making and then assembling elements or units of the design.

The BBMQ is a "double mystery" as the fabrics for the quilt are in a sealed brown paper bag, with a small clue as to what fabrics are in the bag.

Shop owners know the design in advance, and strive to make great fabric picks; there's no peeking or requesting a special kit. It is a great learning experience; maybe not for people who need to be in control of the quilt's colors or prints.

You've got to be able to trust the process!

Difficulty level

I would call this a project for the "confident beginner" and above. If you've done a bit of rotary cutting and piecing, this will be a great way to learn additional skills as well as the "why" behind them.

How this program works

The bag that you purchase contains 6 carefully chosen fabrics totaling 6-½ yards. Backing, borders and binding are sold separately. An informational welcome sheet and preliminary cutting instructions are also included.

Here at and Sew Simple of Lynchburg, we also provide a border option for ordering additional fabric that will work with your quilt, as well as a "Surprise Me!" option for those who want a complete surprise.

Join the private Facebook group which provides a fun community where you can share your fabrics, your progress, ask questions and get Karen’s tips and bonus projects. Eventually you will see hundreds of completed quilts in an amazing variety of fabrics.

Printed clues will be snail-mailed, every two weeks beginning March 15th, to the address you provided when you purchased your bag. If you are purchasing for someone else, make sure we get their name and mailing address.

Clue Schedule:

Clue #1, March 16
Clue #2, March 30
Clue #3, April 13
Clue #4, April 27
Clue #5 May 11, The BIG Reveal!

Video clues will be available beginning on March 16, 2024. The instructional videos are uploaded to the private Facebook page at 6am, eastern.

It's a great way to build your quilting skills and finish with a lovely quilt.

Quilt top without borders is approximately 60" x 70".

The quilts below are just a few of our 2023 Brown Bag Mystery Kits. BTW, I cannot sell that pattern, but I can make up a kit for it and include all the clues with it upon request.  Shoot me an email to request: 
brown bag mystery quilt 2023

Add a nice border and you have a queen sized quilt. I definitely recommend buying borders when you order your bag. The right border will pull the entire quilt together. Wait until the top is ready to sew the borders on and it may be hard to find just the right border fabric.

Border kits from contain 3 yards which will give you enough fabric for up to a 10 inch border and enough length to miter the corners if desired.



Borders, Backings, etc for the Brown Bag Mystery 2024


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Creative Grids Multi Size Triangle 45 and 90 Degrees Quilt Ruler



Triangles on a Roll 2in Half Square 50ft Roll



Brown Bag Mystery 2024 Surprise Me



Color Builder 50wt 3pc Set Carrara Black/White/Grey

$39.99 $44.00


BBMQ 2024 Kit- Kansas Molasses



Brown Bag Mystery 2024- Black & White with a Pop of Color



Brown Bag Mystery 2024 Kit- Sweet Spring



Brown Bag Mystery 2024- Fantasy Floral Dark



Brown Bag Mystery 2024- Moody Waters



Brown Bag Mystery 2024- Peaceful Morning



Brown Bag Mystery Kit- Autumn Beauty



BBMQ 2024 Border Kit- Let Us Choose



Border for the 2024 Fantasy Floral Dark BBMQ Kit