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  Forgive the briefness of this page, but we are working feverishly to get kits ready! I'll update the page as I can.

Making Masks for our Medical Workers

When I was first approached about making making masks for our local hospital, I was sure it was a hoax. Surely they weren't that desperate for masks, since I knew that cotton masks really didn't provide the kind of protection from the Covid-19 virus that the real hospital masks did.

Sadly, that's no hoax. Here's my info on how I'm making them, but there are tons of tutorials out there. Mine was based on the pattern one of the hospital nurses sent me.

The key things:
They need to be made from high quality woven cotton and need to stand up to plenty of bleach and laundering. Prewash and dry your fabric so they don't shrink after washing the first time.  So that means that there's no need to make them with the super cute prints that are being shown on FB and IG.

The outside and inside should be different colors in case it is taken off and then put back on before laundering.

It was requested not to use 1/4 inch elastic as it's too wide. Right now it's hard to find 1/8 inch elastic, so I'm making a combination of masks with large hair elastics for ear loops and long fabric ties. Also requested  was to include a small piece of wire in the top to form the mask around the nose. Bread twist ties or florist's wire works well.


Our gratitude and appreciation to the Finch Family at Finch & Finch, Inc. who is subsidizing our cost of the kits we are making so that we can give them out for free to our community of sewists and quilters. These kits are intended to furnish the needs of the hospitals and other medical staff. Feel free to use the pattern and your own supplies to make them for your own needs.

If using our kits, cut the fabric ties first (if not using elastic) as they need to be width of the fabric (WOF) then cut the rest. Depending on the directionality of the fabric, you may want to adjust how you cut. Our kits include the wire for the nose, but no elastic as we can no longer get it. There is enough fabric to make fabric ties.

Link to pattern:

Link to Facebook tutorial: