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Janome Sewing Machine Sales and Services
Janome certified sewing machine technician for Sew Simple of Lynchburg, home of, is Eric Johnson

Life is busy and your time is precious. When you sit down to sew, you want to know that you aren't wasting time  fiddling with your machine.

When you have a reliable model from Janome, to be continued...

Our reputation for sewing machine repair and instruction is second to none and we enjoy keeping your machines humming. Eric, at right, is our certified Janome machine technician and general all-around machine guru.

Eric Johnson is Janome certified to work on our Janome machines for service and repair, but he also enjoys working on old vintage machines, Kenmores, and is available for call-outs on industrial machines and some long arm machines. When a local dealer isn’t available for work on your machine, we may work on it at our discretion, depending on the brand, model and issues.

All machines work best when they are properly serviced and lubricated. Lack of lubrication, and presence of debris in the machine lead to an early demise, even when it isn’t used much. Take care of your machine and it will make sewing a joy. We recommend an annual “Clean, Oil, and Adjust” to keep machines running at peak performance. This service starts at $99.00

It’s always best to bring your machine in if you are wanting service or repair.

There’s no appointment needed.*

We can evaluate the machine and let you know if we can work on it, or if it’s worth working on. Beware the cheap machines from mass merchants, they aren’t made to be adjusted and tuned up like a quality modern machine from a dealer or a true vintage machine. Sometimes a simple adjustment is all that is needed at our take-in counter.

When bringing in your machine, remember to bring the machine’s power cord and foot pedal, a bobbin, bobbin case if needed, a machine foot that works for straight stitch as well as zig zag (if the machine has more than straight stitch) and in the case of embroidery machines, a hoop. If you are having trouble with a particular thread or project that might be causing the issue, bring a sample of that too.

We prefer that you keep extra feet, tools, accessories, threads, bobbins, etc. at home.

We love to make sure folks have the best sewing experience and we feel our Janome machines are the best way to ensure that. We know they have quality internal parts, available replacement parts and manufacturer’s support and training.

The majority of our machine repair work is on non-Janome machines!

Because Janome machines are usually in for just service or something simple, we are able to service Janome machines faster and they have priority service, typically done in one week. Other machines can take up to 2 weeks, more during the busy season.

* We offer a scheduled same day service for Janome machines by appointment. Call the shop for more information.