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Do you struggle with your fabulous high-end Janome machine? You know it should do X, Y, and Z but you're not entirely sure how? Maybe you don't have a helpful dealer close enough for convenient classes to master your new machine?

Maybe you're staying at home due to Covid? 
You are ready to really stitch up a storm and learn about your machine and machine techniques at home, but you could use some help.

Been told it's  "operator error"? 
You're trying to do it right but you've been left figuring it out on your own. That is super frustrating!

You are not alone!
I've heard pleas for help from machine owners just like you over the years and I have an ongoing Janome specific online club just for folks like you!


I help sewing machine owners get the most out of their machine so that they can use it with confidence and increased creativity.
The clubhouse is open for new enrollments!

Come join the fun at AmyQuilts Clubhouse
A Clubhouse member says: 

"Amy, I watched the latest addition to the clubhouse this morning, the video about needle plates etc. Your videos are stellar, I'm not kidding really fantastic! Not just the great camera close-ups but the info you provide is amazing. I have a very good dealer and I have received a great deal of instruction from them, but I learned so many things in that 20 min. video that I simply never heard before. I just wanted to comment on how much I am getting out of the clubhouse. THANKS !"

Hi! I'm Amy Johnson and I was once right in your shoes. I bought my first big Janome machine from the sweetest gentleman, a Janome dealer who was in his mid-eighties. He was a well-respected man in the community and in regards to machine repair, but he didn't actually sew or have anyone to do machine instruction beyond how to thread it.

I was on my own and did the best I could with the manual. Being pretty much self taught, I tried a few things out on my Janome 6600 that wasn't quite meant for my particular, a ruler foot made for a frame-mounted machine. That got my blog and YouTube videos some serious attention. Eventually, I became an instructor for Craftsy, and the next thing you know, I became a Janome dealer when my Janome dealer retired.

My mechanically-inclined husband Eric became my Janome certified machine tech and has built quite a reputation for solving machine issues and keeping machines of all kinds running smoothly.

craftsy Bluprint behind the scenes
We joke that he knows the guts, and I know the glory of sewing machines!
Carole says:

"You have taught me so much. I never learned how to operate my Janome 10000. I love using my 14000 more than ever since your training in Clubhouse! Thank you so much!"

Janome M7 instruction

When you join the AmyQuilts Clubhouse, you will learn the many features and benefits of these feature-rich 9mm machines so you know how to use them best and make the most of your creative sewing time. You will operate your machine(s) without fear and frustration.


Ever take a class where the instructor didn't know your machine and couldn't tell you which foot or settings to use? That's really frustrating. As you follow the Clubhouse content, you'll be inspired by projects that are designed for this group of machines and their capabilities. No guessing and no frustration.

I've helped many during my informal Facebook lives and YouTube videosWhile I'm not a professional videographer, repeatedly I heard that watchers loved the videos. What they wanted to see was real quilting and sewing, including what I did when I made a mistake. There have been several times a "how to quilt" video became a "how to fix" video, complete with seam ripper because that's what happens to all of us.

Yes, I share the good, the bad and the ugly. Because it's happened to all of us. This allows you to learn the hows and the whys of your machine and what you can do for better results. This will help you avoid unnecessary trips to the dealer for something you can take care of yourself by adjusting thread, needle, tension, settings, etc.

Rhonda says,

"Thanks Amy useful info actually not just useful but valuable I have had Janome machines for years but am learning so much from you. I never knew about the markings on the feet. "

Janome machines are what I know best, so the club is limited to Janome machines of the following models: 15000, 14000,  M7, 9450, 9400, Skylines S9, S7, S6, 6700P,  8900 and 8200
. There is an embroidery focused add-on for the combination embroidery machines above, and Janome 500e and 550e machines can also sign up for it. The sewing and embroidery sections of the Clubhouse are priced separately and are not dependent on each other. This helps you stay focused on what you want to learn.

Learning in the AmyQuilts Clubhouse takes place in two ways; the actual Clubhouse site (with a "room" for sewing, and another for embroidery; as well as a private, members-only Facebook group for us to interact as a community and have monthly question and answer periods with me.
Jeannie says,

"Appreciate your challenge in organizing content on a new platform while addressing such a wide range of skill and experience levels. I've been sewing for a long time and on Janome machines for the last 15+ years. While I've learned a lot, I'm finding plenty in these videos that I didn't know or had forgotten and am very glad I joined the Clubhouse. Thanks!"


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The AmyQuilts Embroidery Clubhouse is currently closed.
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