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AmyQuilts Clubhouse

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It's been a long time coming, but I'm so excited to offer a whole new way to connect with me. I've wanted to create an online teaching membership for some time. A place where I can go into more detail and deeper into a subject than I can with a live video or other free content.


As a former Craftsy/Bluprint instructor, I've seen behind the scenes of their professional studios and their talented production crew. They are amazing!


As a teacher though, I desired to make classes just the way I wanted them. In detail, but very much like we're in a class together.


With a busy schedule and a new shop, I stuck to my informal Facebook live and occasional recorded and edited YouTube videos. My video skills, while still pretty basic, improved, and repeatedly I heard watchers loved the videos. What they wanted to see was real quilting, including what I did when I made a mistake. There have been several times a "how to quilt" video became a "how to fix" video, complete with seam ripper because that's what happens to all of us.

Stitch happens.

As a Janome dealer, shop instructor, and wife to my shop's amazing Janome machine service tech, I have a pretty thorough knowledge base to draw from and to help folks understand the capabilities of their Janome machines. You can find me helping out in several FB groups on Janome machines and free motion quilting.

I just love to help folks!


craftsy Bluprint behind the scenes
Janome M7 instruction

When you join the AmyQuilts Clubhouse, you will learn the many features and benefits of these feature-rich 9mm machines so you know how to use them best and make the most of your creative sewing time. You will operate your machine(s) without fear and frustration.


Ever take a class where the instructor didn't know your machine and couldn't tell you which foot or settings to use? That's really frustrating. As you follow the Clubhouse content, you'll be inspired by projects that are designed for this group of machines and their capabilities. No guessing and no frustration.


Janome machines are what I know best, so the club is limited to Janome machines of the following models: 15000, 14000, 12000, S9, M7, 9450, 9400, S7, 6700P, S6, 8900 and 8200. There will be an embroidery focused add-on for the combination embroidery machines above, and Janome 500e and 550e machines can sign up for it. This will keep us focused on our topics better.

Registration Now Open!

Now through March 1st, you can register for the AmyQuilts Clubhouse directly here:


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